Raytheon gyrosphere, 11.111006E01AT.2

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Gyrosphere for Gyro Standard 20/22, Reconditioned: Great Price
We are authorized sales and service distributor of Raytheon Anschutz in Baltic countries and we focus on Raytheon Anschutz equipment. We do not collect big number of different distribution agreements with different manufacturers but we focus on Raytheon Anschutz only. It gives us advantage that we have the biggest stock of Raytheon Anschutz spares in Baltic countries. On our stock in Klaipeda and Tallinn we have have gyrospheres service kits and pumps. In both locations we have engineers, which are certified by Raytheon-Anschutz.
We offer quality service on Raytheon Anschutz gyro for attractive prices.
31x31x33cm and 2,5kg.

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