“I overtook UAB Master Servis in 2015 on a mission to develop a professional marine electronics knowledge center. In the process of doing so, our management & team succeeded to create an expert company, which is market leader in Baltic Sea area. We are very proud because of that.

One day I was driving a car , passing Great Belt bridge when I  suddenly got eye on one of vessels approaching the bridge, which I know well because I have personally installed the worlds best radars on this vessel. I felt great satisfaction seeing the vessel steady on safe course.

I still remember the stars in the captains eyes when he expressed how happy he was to receive this new radar package installed on his vessel. I also still remember the great taste of the fish, cooked Philipino way, which I got on board the vessel that evening.

During the last years we succeded to intergrade the most competitive total package of equipment for the navigation bridge, which our engineers install on newbuildings in Poland, Denmark and Baltic countries.
Therefore we have established co-operation with leading producers & distributors so we always can offer shipowners competitive hardware systems supported by superior service & consultancy, which fit exactly your particular needs. In fact we believe we can offer the most competitive total bridge navcom solutions on the market.

We aim also, via our full stock availability at any time, to have the best performance in service and the highest possible First Fix Rate for our service attendances . Therefore we have invested heavily in our stock and we can say proudly today that we have one of the biggest stock in Europe of Furuno, Sailor/Thrane-Thrane and Raytheon-Anschutz spares.

We are also investing in our people. We do not employ salespersons but a team of specialists closely linked to the maritime environment for decades. We find it important that our team members have close contact to the manufactures and get training in latest technologies so they are ready to make available their knowledge and professional approach with selection of equipment and services.

I would like to take opportunity to thank all our loyal customers. You are our most valuable asset! We would never have done all this without you and the excellent collaboration of your technical and purchase departments with our team.

I promise you that my team will continue with all efforts to improve the way of operation of commercial vessels including improving safety on board, reducing running costs of vessels and bringing efficiency gains in global supply chains.

We look forward to working with you for many years to come & thank you for choosing UAB Master Servis!

Yours Sincerely”

Jacek Korczynski