UAB Master-Servis Privacy Policy

UAB Master-Servis Policy on personal data protection
UAB Master-Servis will only collect personal data and information, which is relevant for your activities and we use your data for following purposes:
-answering your inquires
-handling deliveries and guarantees
-preparing invoices
-visitor management during visits in our office

When collecting and using this personal data, UAB Master-Servis complies with legal regulations in force at the given time. UAB Master-Servis will only keep your personal data for as long as it is relevant for your activities with us or for as long as we have a legal obligation to do so.
Furthermore, we are obliged by the European Counter Terrorism regulations 2580/2001 and 881/2002 to compare your data with the so-called ″EU terror lists`` in order to make sure that no money or other economic resources are made available for terrorist purposes.
Type of data collected and purpose
On UAB we may only collect data such as your position within your organization, your name, your address, telephones, your email address. With your consent, we may choose to use this information to send you updated information from our company .You can at any time choose to cancel receiving our information, and if receiving is based on your consent, you may always withdraw such consent.

Social Media
It is possible to keep in touch with us via our social media (currently LinkedIn). These social media services collect personal data, i.e. by your created profile, by so-called social plug-Ins, which have been implemented in webpages of third parties or by evaluation from which webpage you have entered the social media presence. Social Plug-Ins are not used on the webpage of UAB Master -Servis.
In order to contact us via social media, you need to be registered for the social media services. For this purpose the respective services may collect, store or use personal data and we can not influence use of your personal data on these media Be aware that a transfer of rights granted to social media services might occur. For details, please see the data protection policy and/ or terms and conditions of the respective provider.

Third party use of personal data
UAB Master-Servis will not submitted your data to any third party without your explicit permission, unless required by legal provision.

Protection of personal data
UAB Master-Servis protect your personal data in accordance with legal regulations in force. Your personal data made available to us are secured by technical and organizational security measures in order to store your data in such a way that it is not accessible to unauthorized third parties. Only the management of UAB Master-Servis has access to this information.

Your rights
If you have any data registered with UAB Master-Servis, you may at any time receive free information about, which of your personal data is stored and you can always demand your data to be entirely deleted. Furthermore, you have the right to object to the handing of your personal data and you have right to raise complaint to local data protection authorities in the event of violation of data privacy.

The data controller
The data controller responsible for collecting data on is UAB Master-Servis A/S, Klaipeda . VAT LT 10000 100 6714
You may contact UAB Master-Servis on phone no +370 606 262 66 and email