SAM Electronics 23.1-inch TFT Chassis Monitor, Model AZ 3063G 100*


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23.1 IN TFT Chassis Monitor for SAM DEBEG made by danish maker NorthInvent: reconditioned and tested. Wheelmark approved. We sell on exchange
Type of monitor: SAM ELECTRONICS AZ3063G080
AC 60 / 50 Hz 230 / 115 V. The keyboard is optional
Shipowner price 2333 Eur: special price for our loyal ( not shoppers ) service partners.

Shipment details: 70*70*40CM and weight 18kg
HS Code: 90149000

We have also an alternative: SAM Electronics monitor type AZ3063G050, AZ3063G105 and AZ3063G100 : all versions available and tested
We have all reconditioned monitors for SAM Electronics / Atlas / Debeg radar and ECDIS on our stocks. We have also displays for Echograph 9205 and LAZ 5000 / Laz-5100
Save money and planet EARTH: buy reconditioned SAM Electronics monitors AZ3063G080, AZ3063G100 or AZ 3063G050 or other spares for SAM Electronics / DEBEG equipment.
Our engineers can perform service on SAM Electronics monitors AZ3063G050, AZ3063G105 and AZ3063G100 for affordable money.

For urgent inquires about SAM Electronics monitors AZ3063G080 , AZ3063G100 or AZ3063G050 please contact us on telephone +(45) 2670 9431

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