44142313 MCC gyrocompass pcb for SIMRAD GC-80 gyrocompass.


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Simrad 44142313 MCC Gyrocompass PCB:

The Simrad 44142313 MCC gyrocompass PCB for SIMRAD GC-80 gyrocompass is available in our facilities in Europe. The 44142313 PCB is fully tested by our certified engineers. Therefore, you will receive fully working PCB with warranty. The Simrad 44142313 MCC gyrocompass PCB for SIMRAD GC-80 gyrocompass with item number of 10189501 02 will be offered with discount to our loyal partners. Thus, if you are considered yourself as one, feel free to contact our sales team for the discount. They will be happy to assist you. Please keep in mind that we have all spares for Simrad gyro GC – 80 / GC-85 in our stock. Send us your inquiries and we will respond you ASAP.

As we mentioned earlier, you can also request for:

-Simrad GC-80 / GC-85 compact control unit

-GC80 Expanded Gyro System Gyro compass.


Delivery Details of Simrad 44142313 MCC Gyrocompass PCB:

Within Europe, you can expect your Simrad 44142313 MCC gyrocompass PCB to be delivered at your destination within 24 hours. Besides, timely and efficient delivery is our commitment to customers located outside Europe. On the other hand, you can personally pick it up the Simrad 44142313 MCC gyrocompass PCB from our warehouse in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Warehouse Address: Malūnininkų g. 13, 92262 Klaipėda


Contact Details:

Mobile Line: +(370) 60626266

Email: sales@master-servis.lt,  ms@master-servis.lt

Urgent Request: +(45) 2670 9431


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Do you need qualified service engineers to fix, repair, install, or replace your faulty Simrad 44142313 PCB at any destination you want? Check out at www.searvice.net. This maritime platform has registered the most reliable suppliers, including certified engineers. They are experienced and trained for doing service on Simrad devices. In the meantime, they can bring any spares you need. More importantly, they offer service at an attractive price.

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