Sailor Fleet Broadband 500 3052A/3052B/3052C


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The Sailor / Thrane-Thrane 500 Fleet Broadband is developed for Solas vessels and power boats with high demand requirements for connectivity. It fulfills the critical needs for voice and data communication of maritime and offshore professionals globally but despite its power, is a small, compact, lightweight solution. It provides great range functionality including full access to bandwidth high demanded IP applications, broadband internet/intranet, e-mail, secure VPN, nine simultaneous voice lines and other applications

We have all Fleet Broadbands from Sailor / Thrane – Thrane on stock in Klaipeda, reconditioned and tested.
We have all 3 versions A,B and C of Fleet Broadband 500 antennas.

The product includes:
Handset: TT-3672: New
Below deck unit: TT-3738A New or reconditioned
Antenna ( ADU ), all 3 types TT-3052A , TT-3052 B, TT-3052 C : Reconditioned

We have also Fleet Broadband 250 and 150 on stock.
We sell Fleet Broadbands both as systems and single parts. We take broken exchange spares for credit. Our engineer are well trained and can perform successful services on Sailor / Thrane-Thrane Fleet Broadband 500 type TT3052 or other Sailor / Thrane-Thrane / Cobham equipment.
Save money and planet Earth and move working places from China to Europe: buy reconditioned Fleet Broadband 500, type TT 3052 from our stocks in Klaipeda and Gdansk

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