Automatic Identification System AIS Debeg 3410: reconditioned+


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Automatic Identification System AIS Debeg 3410 approved for Solas vessels : reconditioned: tested by SAM Electronics certified engineer
Item number GE4034G001
The AIS 3410 is a state of art equipment to support the officer on watch by providing detailed target and traffic information. To maximise the benefits of the AIS the information will be displayed on the main navigation equipment, the NACOS Platinum, RADARPILOT 1×00 series, the RADARPILOT 9×00 ARPA series including the CHARTPILOT 93xx / 11xx series. The transponder transmits own ship s data like course, position, speed and identification and receives the same information from other AIS transponders within VHF range. Sometimes the Ais is called second type of radar The officer on duty will get not only accurate course, speed and distance in real time of each vessel around, but also ship s identification and if available rate of turn. As well as other vessels including VTS stations and aids to navigation like buoys and light vessels can be equipped with a transponder. Even for shore based stations the AIS 3410 provides important features like for fleet management by providing an interface to the long range communication, allowing the transmission of ship s own data via satellite connection. Sam Electronics / Debeg AIS 3410, item number GE4034G001, is replaceable to its former version UAIS DEBEG 3400. Easier to install due to smaller dimensions and lower weight n Low Power Mode with 1 W for tanker according Tanker Safety Guide (TSG) and International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminal (ISGOTT)

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