DGPS antenna Simrad MX-521A, New or reconditioned


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We have Simrad MX-521A DGPS antenna on stock: both as new or reconditioned. Please note that this Simrad MX-521 DGPS antenna works well with Simrad MX-420 series of DGPS. The Simrad MX521 DGPS antenna is not available from Simrad / Navico but we have it on stock. The price for Simrad MX-521A is 350 Eur
On stock in Klaipeda where we have the largest stock of spares for Simrad / Navico equipment in all Baltic States including DGPS antenna Simrad MX-521 A.
Our prices for Simrad DGPS antenna MX 521A are very reasonable and we reply quickly to your inquires. You can also send inquiry for Simrad MX-420 displays like MX-420/2 or MX-420 / 8 display, which are also on our stocks
Our engineers are ready to perform service or installation on Simrad MX521 antenna and other Navico equipment. In our workshop in Klaipeda we repair Simrad displays MX-420, for example we replace the displays
Save money and planet Earth: buy reconditioned Simrad DGPS antenna MX-521 A from our stocks in Klaipeda or Gdansk.

For urgent information about delivery time for Simrad MX521Aantenna please contact us on telephone +370 606 262 66
We are your supplier of Simrad spares in Baltic countries

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