Echograph 9205 echosounder from Sam Electronics: Reconditioned: Great Price


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Echograph 9205 echosounder from SAM Electronics: Reconditioned: Great Price.

On stock in Klaipeda. Tested.
We have big stock of spares to SAM Debeg Elac equipment including Echograph 9205 and transducer LSE-297 : please send your inquiry.
Remember Echograph 9205 can be in 1 or 2 channel version: please specify when orderring
For urgent inquires about Echograph 9205 please contact us on telephone +(45) 2670 9431
We have also echosounders LAZ 5000 and LAZ 5100 SAM Electronics from on stock

Save money and planet EARTH: buy reconditioned Echograph 9205 from our stock in Klaipeda for less then half price of the new item price.
Our engineers can perform service on Echograph 9205 or other equipment from SAM Electronics.

If you need a service company for replacing this echosounder Echograph 9205 in your port of call , please search on www.searvice.net

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