Elac 5100 / LAZ 5100 / NES 4651 / Laz-5100 Echosounder+


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Sperry Marine ES-5100 Navigational Echosounder Elac 5100 / LAZ 5100

The navigational echosounder Elac 5100 / LAZ 5100 (Sperry Marine ES 5100) is available in stock. The Elac 5100 echosounder is reconditioned with a new transducer. In addition, the LAZ 5100 navigational echo sounder is fully tested by our trained and qualified engineers. Important to mention that the ES-5100 echosounder is in 1 channel version. Please keep in mind that we offer this incredible Elac 5100 navigation echosounder at a great price of 1750 Eur. in fact, we offer our tested echosounder less than half price of what SAM Electronics offer.

Please remember, in case, you need DUAL CHANNEL navigational echosounder, feel free to contact us. We are glad to meet your demand.

Features of Elac 5100 / LAZ 5100 Echosounder

The Sperry marine ES 5100 echosounder comes with great features, like:

– Operates as both single and dual frequency modes. It supports up to 4 transducers within 30 to 210k frequencies.

– Offers 6 basic ranges from 10 to 2000m.

– Stores all-day memory (24 hours).

– Displays with day and night mode.

– Displays continuous observation of depth data in conventional mode.

– Display water depth and range position digitally.

– Adjust transducer and performance setting via Menu.

– Operable in single and dual frequency modes with 8 standard frequencies.

– NMEA standard interfaces allow integration of the LAS 5100 / Sperry ES5100 into any bridge configuration.

– Serial input of data acquisition, remote control, output status

– Retrofit possible to existing ELAC, Sperry or other manufacturers transducers.

– Standard Elac transducers LSE 297/50 kHz resp. LSE 313 / 200 kHz, especially developed for LAZ5100 / ES5100

– Wheelmark MED approved for SOLAS vessels.

– Power supply voltage monitoring.

Please remember that we have one of the biggest stocks of SAM / Debeg Elac / SPERRY equipment in Europe.

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Send your inquiry and we reply immediately with attractive prices and fast delivery.

Delivery Details of ES-5100 Navigational Echosounder Elac 5100 / LAZ 5100

Within Europe, you can expect your Elac 5100 echosounder to be delivered at your destination within 24 hours. Besides, timely and efficient delivery is our commitment to customers located outside Europe. Please be advice, you can personally pick it up the LAZ 5100 echosounder from our warehouse in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Warehouse Address: Malūnininkų g. 13, 92262 Klaipėda

Contact Details

Mobile Line: +(370) 60626266

Email: sales@master-servis.lt,  ms@master-servis.lt

Urgent Request: +(45) 2670 9431

Looking on how to Find Certified Service Engineers (Flying Engineers) Anytime/ Anywhere?

Do you need qualified service engineers to fix, repair, install, or replace your faulty Sperry Marine ES-5100 Navigational Echosounder Elac 5100 / LAZ 5100 at any destination you want? Check out at www.searvice.net. This maritime platform has registered the most reliable suppliers including certified engineers. They are experienced and trained for doing service on Sperry Marine devices. In the meantime, they can bring any spares you need. More importantly, they offer service for an attractive price.

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Email: find@searvice.net

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