Bridge Microphones vr-5011

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Furuno VDR Microphones VR-5011 for Furuno VDR VR-5000: Reconditioned and tested
We have complete Furuno VDR on our stocks , both types VR-3000 and VR-5000: for immediate delivery
Please send us inquiry for Furuno spares or servis and we will reply with attractive quotation: both for spares and service as well.
Our service station Furuno qualified engineers who are located in Klaipeda and Tallinn and we can perform Furuno APT world wide for attractive prices
Our company is managed by a former Furuno manager: we know what Furuno quality stands for!
Save money and planet Earth : Buy reconditioned Furuno VDR spares from our stocks in Klaipeda, Tallinn and Gdansk
For urgent inquires for Furuno VDR microphones VR-5011 please call us on telephone +(45) 2670 9431

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