Furuno Navtex NX-700A


Receiver NX-7001 s/n 8523-5305 + Display unit NX-700A s/n 005322 + Antenna unit NX-7H s/n 002882.

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The high end Navtex receiver with printer for Solas vessels Furuno NX-700A:
The Furuno NX-700A is one of the most efficient receivers for SOLAS vessels. The NX-700 can receive two channels simultaneously. For the international Navtex messages, the receiver is set to 518 kHz, and for the local or domestic messages, the channel is set to 490 or 4209.5 kHz. The safety of all information, such as navigational warnings and search and rescue information, makes the item more unique.
The receiver acts under the IMO resolutions: MSC.148(77), MSC.302(87), and MSC.430(98). Also, the Navtex receiver NX-700A meets the IEC testing standards: 60945 Ed. 4.0, 61097-6 Ed. 2.0, 61162-1 Ed. 5.0, 61162-2 Ed. 1.0, 62288 Ed. 2.0, 62923-1 Ed. 1.0, and 62923-2 Ed. 1.0. It is exciting that after connecting the Furuno NX 700 receiver to GPS or EPFS, the broadcast station will be automatically selected based on the vessels' position.
The Furuno NX-700A includes a ruggedized receiver, display with printer, and antenna units, and luckily, you do not need to waste your time looking anywhere because we have all these reconditioned items in our stocks in Klaipeda and Gdansk.
Our qualified engineers test our NX-700A receivers, and they recommend our partners to get the high-performance NX-700A, which has a display size of 5", monochrome LCD, and 12-24 VDC at an affordable price for Furuno famous quality.
Please feel free to always send us inquiries not only for NX-700 but also for Float free capsule VR7021F for VR 7000, PP-520 printers, PP-510 printer, DS-351 Digital indicator for speed log DS-50 / DS-30, new GP-39, Coiled cord with connectors for Furuno handset type HS-2003 for Furuno VHF FM8800 / FM8900, new BNWAS BR-510 Main Alarm Panel, and many other components for Furuno.
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Again, if you need fully tested Furuno equipment, including NX-700A, send us your inquiries, and we will respond as soon as possible.
Partnering with us on Furuno spares gives you more advantages than you think, and one of them is saving our planet Earth because together, we act on reducing E-waste, lowering carbon footprint, and, more importantly, supporting sustainable practices. We also assist to move working places from China to Europe: buy reconditioned Furuno Navtex NX-700 from our stocks

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