Furuno VDR VR-3000, reconditioned, tested: great price


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Furuno VDR type VR-3000 , reconditioned, tested & great price: we offer warranty !
All Certified Refurbished Furuno VR-3000 parts are in good working condition, professionally packaged and fully inspected by Furuno approved engineer
Our Furuno VDR VR-3000 is sold on exchange basis, which provides you an attractive price and Furuno value for money

Please Note: Illustrations, figures and photos may depict variations in color from enclosed product, due to our program of continuous product improvements.

The Furuno VDR VR3000 consists of:
VR-3010 Data Collection Unit
VR-5020 capsule: Tested by Furuno certified engineer
VR-3016 Remote Alarm Panel

The Furuno VDR VR-3000 will be tested by the Furuno certified engineer before the shipment

We have the largest stock of reconditioned Furuno spares in Baltic countries including all spares to Furuno VDR VR3000 and VR 5000 : all equipment is tested before the shipment

Save money and planet Earth and move working places from China to Europe: buy reconditioned Furuno VDR VR 3000 or other Furuno spares from our stocks in Klaipeda and Gdansk.

We can also offer service on Furuno VDR VR3000 performed by Furuno certified engineers world wide: when our engineers go for service on Furuno VDR VR 3000, they bring complete unit, which increases chance to solve the error on Furuno VDR VR3000.

Our company is managed by a former Furuno manager: therefore we know what Furuno means !
For urgent inquires about Furuno VDR VR 3000 please call us on support telephone for Furuno equipment: +(45) 2670 9431

Our engineers can provide service on Furuno VDR VR-3000 or VDR VR 5000 or other Furuno equipment incl. APT for very affordable prices.

For warranty claims on Furuno VDR VR-30000 , please contact us via the CONTACT US link at our web site www.master-servis.lt. Please provide full name, address and serial number on original order in message so that we may verify warranty.
You must also mention what parts of Furuno VR-3000 you require
We want to be your supplier of parts to Furuno VDR VR-3000 in Baltic countries

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