Anschütz Gyrosphere for Standard 22 / NX Gyro*


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The Anschutz Gyrosphere for Standard 22 / NX is available in our stock as a reconditioned unit by the manufacturer, Anschutz. Indeed, we offer this gyrosphere with the item number of 111-006.E01AT with warranty.

New Anschutz Spares Pricing Takes Effect November 1st, 2023.

Besides, we offer the best possible price of 7897 euro for shipowners. Of course, the price is based on exchange, excluding VAT. Additionally, for service partners who have been loyal to us, the company sometimes offer an agreed partner discount for the Anschutz 111-006.E01AT gyro spheres. Thus, you are welcome to discuss the discounted price.

Please remember, we are the authorized agent/ distributor of Anschütz in the Baltic countries.

Furthermore, we certainly have the biggest stocks of reconditioned Anschutz STD 22 as well as spares in Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, and Estonia. Indeed, we are a reliable and affordable supplier too. Thus, send us your inquiries, and get the best offer today.

Delivery Details of Anschutz 111-006.E01AT:
Within Europe, you can expect your Anschutz 111-006.E01AT gyrosphere to be delivered at your destination within 24 hours. Besides, timely and efficient delivery is our commitment to customers located outside Europe. Please be advice, you can personally pick it up the Anschutz 111-006.E01AT gyrosphere from our warehouse in Klaipeda, Lithuania.
Warehouse Address: Malūnininkų g. 13, 92262 Klaipėda

Shipment Details of Anschutz Standard 22 / NX, 111-006.E01AT
Dimension: 35 X 35 X 35 cm (1 box)
Weight: 2.5 kg
HS Code: 85269120
Contact Details:
Mobile Line: +(370) 60626266
Urgent Request: +(45) 2670 9431

Looking on how to Find Certified Service Engineers (Flying Engineers) Anytime/ Anywhere?
Do you need qualified service engineers to fix, repair, install, or replace your faulty Anschutz 111-006.E01AT gyrosphere at any destination you want? Check out at This maritime platform has registered the most reliable suppliers including certified engineers. They are experienced and trained for doing service on Anschutz devices. In the meantime, they can bring any Raytheon Anschutz spares you need. More importantly, they offer service for an attractive price.
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