Hatteland HD REM SX1-A1 remote control: 330 Eur


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Hatteland remote control HD REM SX1-A1: new for a great price 330 Eur Ex works stock of UAB Master-Servis
The remote controller enables the control of Series X, Series X G2 and MVD (12 to 55 inch) Displays by providing instant keypadfunctionality over RS-485/422 bus through the well implemented SCOM Protocol by Hatteland Technology AS. A single press on the remote controller will trigger the same physical press on all connected/configured displays with the synchronized reaction ofcorresponding button presses. The remote controller is a panel-less device, which only provides three physical buttons for userinteraction, but conforms with the standardized 6 button functionality; (Brightness+, Brightness-, Menu, Navigation and Power). Remote Control is powered and driven by first Display unit (which has to be connected to external power cable/source. It is not required to turn the Display unit on for the Remote Control to control/operate other Display units that may be in the same chain)

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