Hatteland Monitor- HD 26T21 MMD-MA4-FAGA 10386


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<h5><span style="color:#003366;"><strong>Model: HD 26T21 MMD-MA4-FAGA 10386</strong></span>
<span style="color:#003366;"><strong>Manufacturer: Hatteland Display</strong></span>
<span style="color:#003366;"><strong>Condition: Reconditioned</strong></span></h5>
The HD 26T21 MMD-MM4-FAGA is one of the highest quality and unique monitors in maritime operations. In fact, seafarers are satisfied because of its specialized system and approved performance.
Also, our qualified engineers have approved these monitors after conducting a complete test. According to Hatteland, the input voltages and power ratings of the display are 115 VAC/60Hz and 230 VAC/50Hz. Certainly, this monitor has a high-quality TFT with CCFL backlight. Thus, the monitor is equipped with a standard widescreen.
Besides, based on TFT characteristics, the 26T21 MMD monitor consists of 1920 x 1200 native resolution. In addition to that, the display supports many signals with resolutions of VGA 640 x 480 (including 640 x 350). The signals are listed below.
SVGA: 800 x 600 (including 720 x 400)
XGA: 1024 x 768
SXGA: 1280 x 1024
UXGA: 1600 x 1200
FHD: 1920 x 1080
WUXGA: 1920 x 1200

Further, this product is approved and certified by many classification societies. The societies are DNV, LRS, IACS E10, ABS, ClassNK, CCS, GL, and BV. Therefore, you can send us your inquiries without having concerns about the quality, approval, or performance. Besides, please remember that we have the biggest stocks of Hatteland monitors and Furuno, Sperry Marine, JRC, and SAM Electronics in the Baltic countries.
Additionally, contact our team for questions or professional advice related to your Hatteland monitors. They will be glad to solve your problems.
<pre><span style="color:#003366;"><strong>Please remember, we want to assist you better. To do so, please mention the needed power supply and video input in your inquiries.</strong></span></pre>
<h5><span style="color:#003366;"><strong>Selection From Different Brands and Sizes</strong></span></h5>
In our stock, you'll find a selection of Hatteland monitors. These displays are in different sizes. for instance, 15, 19, 20, and 24 inches. Important to know, we also have a huge facility of Furuno, Sperry Marine, JRC, and SAM Electronics monitors. Thus, you are welcome to request any model. Furthermore, our engineers are qualified to test all types of monitors. As a result, we offer you our units with a warranty for an attractive price.
<h5><strong><span style="color:#003366;">Related Internal Hatteland Cables</span></strong></h5>
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<h5><strong><span style="color:#003366;">Related Hatteland Monitors</span></strong></h5>
However, this is not all. In fact, we have a huge inventory of Hatteland Monitors. For instance, you can find:

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<h5><span style="color:#003366;"><strong>Delivery Details</strong></span></h5>
Firstly, expect a swift arrival. The display will be in any European destination in a quick 24-hour timeframe. Besides, we are committed to efficient shipping for our customers out of Europe. Meanwhile, the monitor or any type of spare parts are also available for personal pickup. You can collect it from our warehouse.

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Warehouse Address: <a href="https://maps.app.goo.gl/cbAp6aVdUaBi8Dx68" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener"><strong>Malūnininkų g. 13, 92262 Klaipėda</strong></a>

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<h5><span style="color:#003366;"><a href="https://maps.app.goo.gl/cbAp6aVdUaBi8Dx68" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener"></a><strong>Shipment Details (1 box)</strong></span></h5>
Dimensions: 70 X 22 X 62 cm

Weight: 19kg

HS Code: 90149000

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<h5><span style="color:#003366;"><a href="https://master-servis.lt/contact-us/" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener"><strong>Contact Details</strong></a></span></h5>
<strong>Mobile Line:</strong> +(370) 60626266

<strong>Email:</strong> sales@master-servis.lt, ms@master-servis.lt

<strong>Urgent Request: (24/7)</strong> +(45) 2670 9431

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<h5><span style="color:#003366;"><strong>Marine Service Engineers for operating, Maintaining, and Installing Equipment</strong></span></h5>
First, you may need qualified service engineers to fix, repair, or install devices for you. Similarly, you can request technicians to replace your faulty spares at any location you call for. It is easy to find at <a href="https://www.searvice.net/" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener"><strong>www.searvice.net</strong></a>. Flying engineers registered on this platform are qualified, trained, and educated. Besides, they guarantee you the quality of their projects. On top of that, they resolve any unexpected malfunctions in your vessels. Beyond this, they have technical education level. Engineers can speak multiple languages. Indeed, they are ready to do the service abroad. In the meantime, they can bring any type of spares you need. They offer at a reasonable price.

<strong>For more details: Contact them at:</strong>

<strong>Email</strong>: find@searvice.net

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Save the planet by partnering with us. Together, we <strong>reduce E-waste</strong> and <strong>lower carbon footprint</strong>. Eventually, we actively <strong>support sustainable practices.</strong>

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