JRC JFC-130 Color Echo Sounder: New, half price


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JRC JFC-130 Color Echo Sounder, 1 kW version: new. Half price ! Monitor & transducer are not included. Consisting of
– Control Unit / Processing unit NJA-1130
– Power Cable CFQ8383-3
Features of JRC echosounder JFC-130:
Sensitivity,clutter rejection and STC (debubblizing) finely adjustable for sea areas,seasons and fishing methods
Flexible selection of three types fishing ground and fish species
Detection of surface fish by high-speed sounding Bottom fish clearly discriminated by sea bottom enlargement
Fish species clearly recognizable on three split displays
Water temperature and depth graphs in overlay with fish echo display by one key-touch operation
Option for bottom topological display to readily discriminate bottom rocks and soil. The display is not included
New price for JFC130 echosounder is 2700 Eur – we sell it for 1400 Eur !!!

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