Message terminal TT-3606E / DT-4346 E tested: cheapest price+


Sailor. Message terminal TT-3606E.

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We have Sailor TT3606 E / Debeg 3646 on stock ! Special online offer is 690 Eur + shipmenmt. Special condition apply: write discount code 15331 to receive campaign price for our Sailor TT-3606 E message terminal. We have also SD card drives new for Sailor 3606 E message terminal
Sailor / Thrane-Thrane Message terminal Sailor TT-3606E / TT3606 or DT-3646 for Inmarsat C or Telex: reconditioned: with Floppy drive or SD card solution: we have it always on stock ! We sell also SD card drives for Sailor Thrane – Thrane TT-3606E or TT3606.
The message terminal Sailor Thrane – Thrane TT-3606E or TT3606 unit is tested before the shipment. The best price on the marked.
We have big stock of message terminals Sailor TT-3606E / TT3606 / Debeg3646 or other spares for GMDSS from Sailor / Thrane-Thrane in Baltic countries, both new and reconditioned and the prices are competitive.
Save money and planet Earth: buy reconditioned message terminal TT3606E / TT3606 or other Thrane – Thrane spares from our stocks in Klaipeda, Copenhagen or Gdansk. We have always message terminals Sailor / Thrane-Thrane TT-3606E , TT3606 or DT-4646E on stock: both as floppy drive version or with SD card: Both, for Inmarsat C or Telex.
For urgent deliveries of message terminals Sailor / Thrane-Thrane TT-3606E / TT3606 or DT-4646E please call on telephone +(45) 2670 9431: we have it always on stock !

We have also many other obsolate spares from Sailor / Thrane-Thrane / Cobham like:
Sailor Thrane – Thrane TT-3005M Inmarsat C antenna
Sailor Thrane – Thrane TT-3020C Inmarsat C transceiver. We can also clone this transceiver
Sailor Thrane – Thrane TT-3026 mini C all 3 versions
Sailor Thrane – Thrane multi cable for TT-3026 mini C, new, 30 metres
Sailor Thrane – Thrane TT-3027 mini C 6000 series

Our engineers can install message terminals Sailor TT-3606 E / Debeg-3646 for a good price in all ports

You can find installation engineers for this message terminal on

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