23,1″ SAM Electronics Radar / ECDIS monitor AZ 3068 G080

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Reconditioned 23,1" Radar / ECDIS monitor type SAM Electronics AZ 3068 G080
Tested and with warranty
We have a big stock of spares from SAM Electronics in Klaipeda: we have all size monitors for ECDIS / radars from SAM Electronics.
Save money and planet Earth: buy reconditioned radar / ECDIS monitor SAM Electronics AZ 3068 G080 or other spares from SAM Electronics / DEBEG
We have also LAZ-5100 / Laz-5000 and Echograph 9205 displays on stock
Our engineers can also make service on SAM Electronics equipment for cheap price
For urgent delivery information about SAM Electronics monitor AZ 3068 G080 call us on telephone +45 2670 9431: we have it on stock. Delivery of SAM Electronics monitor AZ3068G080 within Europe is 24 hours

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