Anschütz Gyro Compact Standard 22 NX


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The world famous Anschütz Gyro Compass Standard 22 NX: new with full warranty. Delivery time from Anscütz 1 year. We have it on stock
Shipowner price 14 900 Eur . We offer discount to our loyal service partners
For shipment: 1 box, Dimension of the box: 80 x 60 x 63 cm, Weight: 27 kgs

The Standard 22 NX gyro from Anschütz combines proven technology and long maintenance intervals with advanced functions. Its high quality, and cost effectiveness over its lifetime make the Standard 22 one of the most popular gyro compasses in the market: more than 20000 have been sold.
Thet Anschütz Standard 22 NX gyro is MED / Wheelmark type approved in accordance with IMO standards. Additionally, operational safety has been significantly improved with a patented data transmission technology that replaces the use of slip rings.
Inside the box:
1 Master Gyro Compass Compact
1 Gyrosphere
1 Operator manual Anschütz Gyro compass Standard 22 NX
1 Inst./ Service Manual for Anschütz Gyro compass Standard 22 NX
1 Supporting Liquid
1 Distilled Water
1 Tools and Spare Parts
1 Cable Accessories

We are authorized distributor of Anschütz in Baltic countries and we have attractive prices for our customers including gyrospheres, service kits, pumps so we always can offer shortest possible delivery time.
Send your inquiry and we will reply immediately.
Our engineers can perform authorized service on Anschütz Gyro compass Standard 22 NX or other Anschutz equipment in Baltic countries and globally. The prices are attractive. For urgent inquires about Anschütz Standard 22 NX gyro please contact us on telephone +(45) 2670 9431: we have always Standard 22 NX on stock

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