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Sailor RT-5022 VHF DSC is an exceptional device. The unit’s code number is 8050220006. This radio is designed for occupational use only. In fact, the sailor VHF meets the FCC RF exposure standards. Besides, the Thrane & Thrane radio is a reliable option for meeting and surpassing the GMDSS requirements. Keep in mind, if you use multiple VHF radios, position the RX/TX antennas on a proper position. Additionally, The RT5022/RT5020 comes with a selection of pre-programmed language options.

Besides, we have Sailor RT5020 VHF radio. Thus, if you need such vhf DSC radio, let us know. In fact, we have a big range of Cobham class A radios. The thrane thrane vhf DSC main units are tested by our engineers. In the meantime, we update software versions of the RT-5022 and RT6222 radios. Meanwhile, we have more spares like power cable, power supply, interconnection box, coiled cords, and many more in stock.

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Additionally, we supply RT-5022 VHF with warranty. Programming the VHF radio is also included in the price.

Additional Features

Text and indicators in displays are red for improved night vision
Screen with Marine AR anti reflection filter
Highest quality dimming of displays
Strong built in 5W loudspeaker

Logical to use, intuitive menus in Sailor RT 5022
Alarm mute push button
Large tactile buttons for big fingers
Big potentiometers for volume and squelch in Sailor VHF RT 5022
Squelch settings for each individual channels
25 to 1 watt switch button
Double watch

Having user friendly installations and bracket and flush mount
Up to 200 addresses for vessels and coast stations
Can be connected up to two Semi-intelligent control units

Send us your inquiry. Besides, you can contact our sales team via email. They will respond to your request at the soonest time.

Delivery Details

Firstly, expect a swift arrival. The device will be in any European destination in a quick 24-hour timeframe. Besides, we are committed to efficient shipping for our customers out of Europe. Also, you can collect it from our warehouse, which is open between 09:00 AM to 17:00 PM hrs for a small pick-up fee.

Warehouse Address: Malūnininkų g. 13, 92262 Klaipėda, Lithuania

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