Sailor Iridium Antenna Unit SA 4110 / Scansat 7701: reconditioned / new


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New Iridium antenna unit type SA 4110 from system Sailor SC 4400 or Skanti Scansat 7701, for a price, which is less then new unit price.
This product contains:
Antenna SA 4110: special campaign price for new antenna SA 4110 is 195 Eur. We have it on stocks in Klaipeda, Lithuania and Gdansk, Poland
Handset SC 4150: price is 350 Eur for reconditioned unit
Transceiver ST-4120: price is 450 Eur for reconditioned unit

We have also reconditioned units.
We have all spares to Sailor or Skanti Iridium systems on stock including handset Sailor SC4150 and Scansat Skanti 7701.
We have also the largest stock of spares or equipment for Sailor / Thrane-Thrane GMDSS, including TT-3005M, TT-3026 all versions, TT-3020C and message terminal TT-3606.
Please contact us when you need spares for Sailor / Thrane-Thrane / Skanti Scansat 7701 or Sailor Iridium antenna SA 4110 Iridium or GMDSS equipment: we have all spares on stock.
Save money and planet Earth and move working places from China to Europe: buy reconditioned Sailor / Thrane-Thrane Iridium spares SC4150, SC4110, Scansat Skanti 7701 or Iridium antenna SA 4110 from our stocks in Klaipeda and Gdansk

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