SIMRAD Navico GC80 Compact Gyro system reconditioned. Tested


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SIMRAD Navico GC80 GC-80 (TG-8000) Compact Gyro system. Reconditioned and tested. Price 4950 Eur: Consisting of compact control unit and master compass. We have also expanded control unit for Simrad Navico GC-80 gyro in tested condition.
Fully IMO approved for standard and High-Speed Craft (Simrad GC85) and can be configured in a dual gyrocompass system. The highest possible accuracy and stability is provided from new technology, by sophisticated and fully sealed sensitive element.
Gyro Compass Simrad GC 80 8000) is the most reliable Gyro Compass on the market and with no liquids to change every other year like most other gyro compasses, they are virtually maintenance free.
What is included in our Simrad GC 80 (TG-8000) gyro compass: Master compass with sensitive element GC80/85 Compact Control Unit the Simrad GC-80 gyro is the perfect solution for the advanced DP system needed in offshore industry. Shipowners as well as DP system providers globally have learned that the Simrad GC series gyrocompass offers the most flexible gyro solution on the market. A mix of a Dual- and an Expanded system, consisting of all together three gyro compasses will offer a DP vessel all the heading and control information needed for effective operations under the harshest conditions.
A wide range of control units provide complete flexibility of system configuration for new installation and easy retrofit into existing repeater systems. The standard range of interfaces can easily be expanded to provide signals for all vessel applications.
Outputs of Simrad GC 80 gyro:
4 x NMEA
1 x 24V step (6 step/degree)
1x Alarm contact
1x Gyro tunning contact
Save money and planet Earth: buy reconditioned gyro compass GC-80 from our stocks in Lithuania and Poland: we have all spares for Simrad GC-80 / Tokyo Keiki TG 8000 gyro.
Simrad GC-80 gyro.

Our engineers can perform quality service on Navico Simrad GC 80 gyro compass.

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