Yokogawa YDK CMZ 900 Gyro – NEW, on stock in Klaipeda


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We are authorized agent of Yokogawa / YDK in Baltic countries and we sell only new equipment of Yokogawa
Yokogawa CMZ-900 S gyro NEW – super deal price : 9800 Eur for Yokogawa CMZ-900S. On stock
The gyro Yokogawa / YDK CMZ-900S is NEW

Yokogawa / YDK CMZ900 S Series of Gyro Compasses offers several models to provide the right features set to the needs of the vessel. All models have been type-approved to comply with IMO standards resolution & JIS-F9602 Class A standards.

A gyro compass detects the true north by means of a fast-spinning rotor, which is suspended with no friction and is influenced by gravity and rotation of the Earth. A gyro compass consequently indicates a ship’s heading. CMZ900 series has been type approved in accordance with International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards, resolution A.424(XI) as well as JIS-F9602, class A standards.

Yokogawa YDK CMZ900-B Gyro Compass for small vessels (smooth operation changes without lag when small vessel changes course)

Yokogawa YDK CMZ900-S Gyro Compass (+ Control Box with built-in monitor) for all merchant vessels, with various types of signal outputs are available. Price 9800 Eur

Yokogawa YDK CMZ900 -D Dual Gyro : very reliable dual system, switch-over controls, multiple signal outputs and enhanced integration

Yokogawa YDK gyro CMZ900S
Viewing enhancement of the system capability, optional instruments are available in order to increase the signal outputs of the gyro compass. Other optional equipment such as repeater compasses, course recorder are available as a part of the system. MASTER COMPASS runs 24 VDC power. Well adopted to the power supply requirements, and all outputs can then be maintained during AC power interruption while 24 VDC is provided. Serial output IEC 61162-1 or -2 (high-speed transmission) is selective, and contains the ship’s heading and rate of turn information.
– Compact design saves space
– Serial output signals for heading and ROT output
– both Manual -auto speed correction
– Master Compass can be located in autopilot steering unit
– marine anti-vibration system
– lightweight container increase follow-up speed

We have great range of Yokogawa / YDK spares on our stocks in Klaipeda and Gdansk including:
Complete gyros CMZ-700 and CMZ-900
Gyrospheres for Yokogawa YDK CMZ-700 and CMZ-900
Mercury, supporting liquid and gaskets

Contact us on telephone +370 60626266 to get information about prices for Yokogawa / YDK gyro CMZ 900S. You can also email us and we reply immediately. We will give you quotations with attractive prices and very fast delivery: Within Europe for only 24 hours but we can also deliver worldwide.
Save money & planet Earth: buy NEW Yokogawa / YDK gyro CMZ 900S or Yokogawa spares directly from our stocks in Klaipeda and Gdansk !
We have Yokogawa / YDK certified engineers located in Copenhagen, Klaipeda, Tallinn, Skt Petersborg and Gdansk for total coverage of Baltic Sea area
As authorized and certified partner of Yokogawa / YDK we have access to software updates and technical information from Yokogawa / YDK so we can support your Yokogawa / YDK equipment on the best possible way.

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