1. Quotations & Order Confirmations

Quotation issued by UAB Master Servis (MS) expires after 30 days from the quotation date unless otherwise agreed.

Verbal quotations submitted without written form are not valid.

Cancellation of already accepted orders are not allowed by the customer unless MS accepts it and issues a written form with confirmation.

2. Prices

All prices are quoted excl. VAT & duties, Ex Work MS facility in accordance with Incoterms 2010. Freight and additional insurance are for customer account.

3. Payment

If payment date is not agreed, it must be done before the shipment of goods.
The ownership of the goods is passed only after the payment is done. Long term customers, which have no debts, can pay in 30 days after the receipt of invoice. Every overdued day can be charged by 0,1 percent of interest.

4. Deliviries

If customer requests, MS can arrange transport and insurance for the delivery.
MS can cancel the order or deliveries if the customer overdue invoices or in the situations when there is justified concern about the customer economical situation.

5. Warranty

For new products, the warranty is according to the manufacturer warranty and the claims from the customers to MS can be accepted if MS can raise the warranty claim to the customer.
For reconditioned items the warranty will be specified in each quotation. If not specified, the warranty is 1 month.
The cost of returning the defective item under warranty must be covered by the customer.
The warranty is not valid if :
- The damage is caused by black out, overload, short circuit
- The damage is caused because of customers attempt
- The installation has been done by not qualified engineer
- Wrong use of the item

6. Returns

If not agreed , it is not allowed to return delivered items without a notice. If it is agreed , the restocking fee 20 % of purchase price will apply, at minimum 100 Eur.

7. Product Liability

UAB Master Servis is liable for damages of the equipment in accordance with mandatory provisions of Lithuania Product Liability Act.

8. Applicable law

All disputes between UAB Master Servis and the customer are regulated by Commercial Court in Vilnius , according to Lithuania Law.